Trident Nuclear Missiles

Another cracking waste of money about to be undertaken by the UK government.

In 1994 we invested in a nuclear missile program called Trident – a submarine-launched ballistic missile system that constitutes the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

Trident Missile

The Trident replaced the Polaris missile.

This is apparently now in need of replacement. Why bother?

The cost of replacement is probably about 20 billion pounds.

A couple of hundred million buys you a pretty good new hospital – so that’s about 50 of them.

Now let’s get a few things straight….

The rest of the world knows we have a nuclear missile system. Are you seriously telling me that in a few years time they’re going to get round a table and say ‘I think Britain’s missiles are past their sell by date – it won’t matter if we take them out ‘

We sit here, nervous, shaking like leaves just because there’s half a chance that Iran has made a teaspoon full of uranium – never mind a working bomb.

Surely the very fact that we may or may not have a decent system is as good a deterrent as we need.
Let’s face it, if we get nuked, Trident isn’t going to save us – it’ll just make us feel better as we hit the red button in our dying seconds and shout take that!

The trouble is we’re always so keen to broadcast our problems to the world. Really no one has a clue what’s going on – just look at our pathetic attempt to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – Saddam Hussain told us he had these long distance weapons and our government believed him 100% – in the end they found him hiding down a sewer brandishing nothing more than a bushy beard and a swiss army knife. 

To maintain our safety, all we need to do is tell the world that  ‘We’ve got our nuclear weapons well serviced and ready for use – do you want to take a chance on it? No – well keep your distance…’

We could save billions of pounds and no one would be any the wiser.

What do you think?

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